Sound Harvest Delivery

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Product handling from the dairy to your home

We should all be concerned about "Fresh" when it comes to the foods we eat, and our goal is to deliver the freshest dairy products you can find. There are three key factors involved with keeping dairy fresh: time, temperature, and light.

We start with fresh products, straight from the dairy.


With Sound Harvest Delivery, you won't need to worry about expiration dates.  Our dairy products come directly from the dairy, not from a distributor and not from a grocery store.  There's no middle man involved, so the only way to get it fresher is to go to the dairy yourself.  But with Sound Harvest Delivery, there's another advantage...


We deliver it cold.


Our delivery truck is designed and built specifically for home delivery of refrigerated and frozen products, so products are COLD when delivered to your door.    Consider a normal shopping trip: your dairy products sit unrefrigerated from the time you pull them from the store cooler until the time you put them in your refrigerator. That can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more.  As the milk gets warmer during that time, it's shelf life deteriorates.  With Sound Harvest Delivery, you won't feel the pressure of knowing your dairy products are getting warm while standing in a long checkout line or running multiple errands. We maintain the "cold chain" from dairy to home.


And we deliver it dark!


Milk deteriorates when exposed to light for periods of time. Milk sitting in a refrigerated display case at the store is constantly exposed to light. Our milk, delivered direct from the dairy in our truck, is not. Plain and simple, if you value fresh milk, you can't beat Sound Harvest Delivery!