Sound Harvest Delivery

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Common Q & A

What if I'm not home when you deliver?

If you have an outside refrigerator/freezer, let us know how to access it, and we'll be glad to leave your delivery there.  If you don't, we encourage you to invest in a small cooler - poly, styrofoam or even a softside cooler will do.   Just ensure that your cooler is large enough to contain your refrigerated & frozen products.  We will leave non-refrigerated items in a separate bag or box.


If you are not home when we make a delivery, or your cooler is not large enough, we will provide one or more insullated bags as needed to contain your product, and bill you on your invoice.   With care, these can generally be re-used several times.  We will provide these bags with a refundable deposit of $5 for each bag, and $3 for gel packs.


How long can I leave my products in the cooler if I’m not at home?

Your products should last for 8-10 hours in the cooler.   When we make our delivery, we will ensure you have sufficient ice or gel packs, and if not, we will leave some extra at no cost.   For best results, your cooler should be protected from direct sunlight, breeze and rain.   Leave us instructions on your account profile, send us an email, or call if you have concerns about where to leave your cooler.


How do I suspend my order if I’ll be out of town?

That’s easy!  Sign in to your user profile at, and click on the “Skip Deliveries” icon.  You can set the dates you will be out of town, and deliveries will be suspended during that time.


Are all your products produced locally?

Most are, and our goal is provide an easy means of connecting Whatcom County consumers with local farms and food producers.   However, we have some national brands as well, to provide variety.


What about frozen item deliveries?

Our truck's freezer compartment will ensure your frozen products are delivered very cold, and our gel packs will keep them that way for several hours in a cooler.  If you plan to be away for the day, please consider your arrangements for leaving frozen product, especially items such as ice cream.   We will be glad to leave them in a freezer, if available in a garage or outbuilding.    Call us at 922-4618 or email us at for questions or specific instructions for your frozen product deliveries. We'll be glad to work with you to provide your frozen products, your way!


How do you handle pre-packaged per lb. prices?

Many of our products (especially meats and cheeses) are priced per pound, but are pre-packaged in weights that vary slightly so it is not possible to get the exact price on our website.   Our item descriptions indicate the average weight.  When you select a per/lb priced item, we will adjust the actual price you are billed after your delivery, to reflect the true cost of the weight of product you received.  

How do I change my delivery address?

This is a great question with an easy answer! The system will not allow you to change your own delivery address because it may change the route you are on.  So ... all you need to do is email! We will take care of it for you! Please make sure we have your updated address by order cut-off so we can deliver it to the correct address.  Don't forget to change your debit/credit card billing address if you need to do this as well. 


Can I shop in my Pajamas?

Definitely!  And we strongly encourage it!