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The particulars 


Not Your Average Shopping Website!

Our shopping website is different from most others you may have used.  It is a feature-rich, home delivery shopping system, designed for both one-time AND recurring orders.   With most on-line shopping systems, you add products to your shopping cart and then check out to complete a single transaction.   With our website, there is no "checkout".   You add, modify, and delete items for your orders for any of the next two deliveries.   Any items in your shopping cart by the order cutoff date and time (8am, Tuesday, of delivery week) will be delivered and billed, subject to the minimum order of $15.


You may modify your order any time up until the cutoff date for your delivery route.  After the cutoff date/time, you may not modify your order for that delivery, so it's important you ensure your order is correct before the cutoff.


Again, any items left in your shopping cart past the cutoff date will be delivered and billed to your account, subject to the minimum order of $15.  


For your convenience, you will receive an email before each delivery with a list of the products you have ordered.  By default, that email is sent two days before delivery, but from your profile, you may select to have it sent earlier.  You may use this feature to ensure your orders include the items you need.


Delivery Dates and Cutoff Dates

Your delivery day of the week is determined by the delivery route you are on, and your route is assigned by your zip code at the time you register. We deliver Ferndale on Wednesday, northern Whatcom County on Thursday, and Friday to Bellingham & Sudden Valley.  There are some exceptions, so watch for an email from us with your specific delivery day after you register.  Your delivery day may change over time. You will be notified of any changes at least one week in advance by email.

In order to ensure we have sufficient product from our suppliers, orders may not be changed after the cutoff date for your route.  You can determine the dates of your next deliveries, and the corresponding cutoff dates, by signing into your account and clicking on the "My Shopping Cart" icon.  There you will see your next deliveries: products, delivery dates, cutoff dates and order totals.



Minimum Order & Delivery Fees:

We require a minimum order of $15 (not including bottle deposits, delivery fees, or taxes) to make a delivery.  If you have placed an order with total items less than $15, we will remove the order from our system.  The order will not be delivered, and you will not be billed.

Our current delivery fee* schedule is:

  • Orders over $50: no delivery fee.  
  • Orders between $35.01 & $50 will be assessed a $3.99 delivery fee.  
  • Orders $35 or less will be assessed a $4.99 delivery fee.  

Delivery fees are subject to change.  



Refrigerated product must be kept below 41 degrees F. for food safety.  If you are not home when we make our delivery, there are several options available:

1) if you have a refrigerator/freezer in an outside building or garage, let us know by phone, email or when you register, and we'll be glad to leave your products there;

2) you may provide a ice chest/cooler or softside thermal bag for us to leave your products in;

3) we can provide thermal bags as needed to contain all products.   These will be added to your invoice and billed to your account.  We currently charge $5 + tax for these bags.  With care, they may be reused a number of times, so if purchased, you may leave them out for the next delivery.  


Ice/Gel Packs

You will need ice or frozen gel packs in your cooler to keep product cold.  We recommend 2-6 gel packs per cooler, depending on gel pack, cooler size/quality, and outdoor temperature.
You may use your own, but we are glad to provide sufficient gel packs to keep your product cold at no additional cost.   If we don't find any in your cooler, we will leave frozen packs.  Just leave them in the cooler and we will replace them with frozen packs on the next delivery.      

Milk Bottle Deposits

As an added benefit of using Sound Harvest Delivery, we’ll take care of your Twin Brook Creamery & Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy bottle returns!  You will no longer need to return them  to the grocer!
For each Twin Brook Creamery item ordered, we will bill you a bottle deposit fee of $1.75.   For Fresh Breeze bottles, the deposit fee is $2.00
We will pick up any bottles you have set out when we make your delivery, and apply the bottle deposit credit back to your account for each bottle returned.
If you have accumulated milk bottles from grocery store purchases, we will be happy to pick up your bottles and apply your deposit credit towards your Sound Harvest Delivery account.
It just doesn’t get any easier than that! 


Ice Cream and other Frozen Products

Our truck's freezer compartment will ensure your frozen products are delivered very cold, and our gel packs will keep them that way for several hours in a cooler.  If you plan to be away for the day, please consider your arrangements for leaving frozen product, especially items such as ice cream.   We will be glad to leave them in a freezer, if available in a garage or outbuilding.    Call us at 354-0715 or email us at for questions or specific instructions for your frozen product deliveries.  We'll be glad to work with you to provide your frozen products, your way!


Items with Per-lb Pricing

Many of our meat, seafood and cheese items are priced by the pound, and all are pre-packaged by the supplier.   The average weight is listed in the item title, and the quantity reflects that weight.   If you need multiple items, then choose a multiple of the average weight (should be listed in the dropdown quantity selection).   We will adjust your final invoice based on the weight of the item(s) we actually deliver.   For example, if you order a 1/2 lb of cheese, and the supplier gives us a .6 lb wedge, we would adjust your final invoice for the .6 lbs.   Another example would be shrimp or fish, in a 2 lb package.  You would be billed for the per/lb price times two.  


Recurring Order Functions

For convenience, make use of the recurring order function on our website.    Place recurring orders for the products you regularly need on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, then adjust as necessary.  It will save you time not having to search and reorder the same products time and again.  For vacations, you can make use of the "Skip Deliveries" function to have us stop regular deliveries while you are away for extended periods.


No Internet Access At Home?

If you don't have internet access at home to manage your orders, or if you know someone who would like our service but isn't comfortable with using computers, we are glad to assist by phone.   Please call us at 922-4618 to set up an account and a recurring order.

And last, but not least…how to pay.

We require payment via credit card.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.   You can enter your card information on our registration page, and it will be kept for billing recurring orders on secure servers at, an industry leading credit card processor.  Also see our page on secure shopping with Sound Harvest Delivery.   We don't keep your card info locally.  For first time customers, your card may be billled prior to delivery, to ensure the card info is in order.  Subsequently, your card will be billed at the end of the day after your delivery has been made, and any adjustments for coolers gel packs, bottle deposits, etc, have been applied.

Credit Card Processing