Sound Harvest Delivery

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How it works


Our goal is to deliver quality dairy, produce, bread, eggs and other products from local Whatcom County names you trust!   Want to buy from local producers, but don't have the time to travel to their county retail locations?   We'll be happy to deliver their products fresh to your door.


Also, consider the time and cost of running by the store for those staple items.   You always buy more than you planned, right?  In fact, grocery stores are organized to encourage impulse purchases.  Save your time, and save your money by setting up a recurring order with Sound Harvest Delivery.   Let us deliver the items you need every other week and minimize your trips to the store - and your impulse buys!   You'll save time, money and the frustration of standing in line.


To get started:

1)      Verify that we have a route in your area.  Enter your zip code at the bottom of this page to check.

1)      Set up an account with us by registering.   You can do that by clicking here.

2)      Once you have an account, sign-in to our site, and start shopping.  

3)      We ask that you set up an item to a standing order, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  

4)      You will be automatically assigned to a delivery route and date, based on your zip code.  You can determine your delivery date by checking your shopping cart.  Please note as the customer base changes, routes may also change, which may effect your delivery day.  We will notify you in the event your delivery day changes.




OK.   Now that we've discussed the basics, what about payments, coolers, bottle deposits/returns and all that stuff?


See "the particulars" for all the details.